How To Get Rid Of Influenza Overnight

Influenza is an acute respiratory infection which affects the nasal airways and not only. Most of the time, we tend to confuse influenza with a common cold, without taking into account the serious implications that may occur.

How To Get Rid Of Influenza Overnight


Flu symptoms are quite different from those of colds. As a rule, flu symptoms appear suddenly and develop very rapidly through: fever, chills, headaches, muscle and joint pain, sore throat and dry cough.

But with the below natural remedies you’ll be able to get rid of influenza in 1 day, 2 the most.

Apple cider vinegar – massage your feet and wrists with diluted apple cider vinegar (5 tablespoons per 500 ml of water). This remedy has a strong effect on muscle aches and lowers the fever.

Take hot feet baths in which you’ve dissolved 3 tablespoons of salt.

Garlic – crush 3 garlic heads and mix with 2 teaspoons of honey. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours to incorporate well the ingredients, and then take 1 teaspoon of this garlic syrup per day.

Lemon – boil a lemon cut in 4 for 10 minutes. Add 1 teaspoon of thyme and allow it to infuse another 10 minutes. Strain and add honey. Drink this tea while is warm before bedtime.

Sage – acts against muscle pain. Prepare a decoction of 2 tablespoons of sage peel for 1 cup of water and take 3 tablespoons a day. Sweeten it with honey.


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