Boil These Two Ingredients And Watch The Cellulite Disappear

When cellulite comes to appearance, the big enemy of a woman (except for weight) is cellulite. Masks, creams, patches are just some of the products that the cosmetics industry presents with pride. However, these two foods from your kitchen can have equal effectiveness.


Boil These Two Ingredients And Watch The Cellulite Disappear

We know that they have told you that there is no help in removing cellulite. Also, you probably have tried everything – from detox diet to painful massage and too expensive creams. There’s nothing that costs you to try the advice of another skin expert. Natalia Robinson, who takes care of the skin of famous show- business faces. She claims that you only need two ingredients from the kitchen. It is a mask of baking soda and honey, which supposedly most effectively neutralizes cellulite.

In fact, it’s about baking soda and honey, which experts claim to be miraculous in removing cellulite. You need to mix a tablespoon of honey with a spoonful of baking soda and add some water, and put it to boil. When it starts to boil, leave to cook two to three minutes, cool down slightly, but while it is still warm massage the area affected by cellulite this mixture for three minutes.


It is important that the massage is with a stronger intensity. It needs to last for three minutes until the skin becomes smooth and red. Baking soda is a natural peeling exfoliate and honey will hydrate your skin. After several such massages, you will definitely notice the difference.


According to experts, but also those who have tried, this is the best way to solve cellulite and holes in the skin that make the orange peel effect. Honey massage will improve blood circulation in affected areas and reduce cellulite deposits without having to enter chemicals and toxins into the body.


Tip: You should not overdo it with the use of this mixture, and especially not under heavy pressure during the massage, as you could end up with cracked capillaries at places where cellulite was.


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