7 Reasons Why Women May Feel Better If They Stop Wearing Bras

From causing saggy breasts, skin irritation, and pressure lines around the body to costing a lot of money, bras might not be as harmless as they seem. Whether they’re push-ups, lace, sports or strapless bras, they all come with varying levels of discomfort. Social norms and our own habits might make us wear bras on a daily basis, but it seems like sometimes rules can be broken for your own comfort.

7 Reasons Why Women May Feel Better If They Stop Wearing Bras

To look at this beautiful yet controversial item from another angle, and here’s what we’ve got on this topic. Let’s dig into this!

1. No sweat under the breasts anymore!

Hot days are nice until you start feeling that uncomfortable under-breast sweat. In this case, wearing a bra can make a situation worse — it will just rub the unpleasant moisture into your skin. Instead, going braless and letting your skin breathe will help it to simply evaporate, giving you a fresh and enjoyable feeling.

2. It can also help to clear up your skin.

Additionally, by letting the dirt and sweat build up underneath the bra, we can run the risk of developing an infection or acne. This is extra important during hot seasons when we sweat more than usual. Tight bra straps drenched in sweat can also cause breakouts. There’s no need to let bacteria grow. It’s better to just remove the thing that causes them!

3. It helps the natural chest shape.

Even though we wear bras to support our breasts, they don’t play such a useful role in the long run. In reality, bras make the chest sag, according to a study. Breasts shouldn’t be denied gravity medically, psychologically, or anatomically. So, removing your bra will be beneficial for both health and beauty.

4. It can make your breasts stronger.

Being free from artificial support, breasts are free to develop their own muscle tissue! This means that they won’t need any other support than their own. They use the pectoral muscles to recreate this tissue and are then able to resist gravity. This way, while they work, you can enjoy their beautiful perky shape!

5. It saves you money.

Most bras out there are expensive. Super-fashionable bras from popular brands are even more pricey. Finding one that will fit you, provide nice support, and not cause any discomfort is a long and complicated task. However, going braless is free!

6. It will free you from those pressure lines around your body.

No matter how good or expensive your bra is, there’s always a chance it will leave some pressure lines around your chest. Most of the time, such marks hurt and cause discomfort, and you want to remove them as fast as you can. Well, in this case, no bra means no suffering.

7. It will give you comfort all day long.

Most women know the great pleasure of removing a bra after a long day. Right after this is done, a sweet feeling of freedom follows. Bras can be different, but the feeling always stays the same. But it seems like there’s no need to suffer the whole day. Instead, we can enjoy this feeling the whole day.

When is it necessary to wear a bra?

There might be situations when wearing a bra is necessary like while doing sports, for example. Not wearing it during intense physical activity can be dangerous for your breasts as it can cause tissue damage, pain, and discomfort. So, in this case, a good sports bra with decent support is a must-have.

Do you wear bras often? What do you think about our points? Would you ever give up wearing them? Let’s share our thoughts in the comment section!

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