10 Easy Changes To Control Uric Acid Levels In Blood

Uric acid is present in everybody’s blood and is produced from purines. The purines in the body are made naturally and are also formed due to certain diet. Research says that about 2/3 of the uric acid in the body is produced by the purines that are naturally present or formed in the body while the rest 1/3 is formed by the purines that are formed out of certain diet habits. Whatever may be the reason, the excess uric acid is harmful. The uric acid gets accumulated in your joints and initiates health problems. Uric acid should be kept in prescribed limits of 6 mg/dl to avoid the health problems.

10 Easy Changes To Control Uric Acid Levels In Blood

You cannot control the natural formation of uric acid, but you can administer certain simple lifestyle changes to control the production of uric acid because of diet.

10 Easy To Incorporate Lifestyle And Diet Changes

Vitamin C
Vitamin C has always worked as immunity booster, but this amazing vitamin would also reduce the uric acid levels in blood. Taking 500 mg vitamin C daily would bring down the uric acid levels considerably in a month or two.

Fiber Rich Diet
Fibers are quite good to flush out the toxins from your body through the excretory organs. Dietary fibers can be taken in the form of oats, vegetables, fruits, and other whole grains. These fibers would absorb the uric acid from the blood and then flush it out from the body.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Production of uric acid is associated with rancid fats which are produced on consumption of oil and butter. This can be avoided by consuming cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Go For Antioxidant Packed Meals
Antioxidants work against free radicals and prevent ageing. The antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers, berries, and other colored fruits would take away all the uric acid from the blood stream and protect vital organs against damage.

Say No To Bakery
Bakery products are loaded with saturated and Trans fats. The fiber content is poor in these bakery products and would be difficult to digest. The fats that are stored undigested would get converted into uric acid and affect the digestive function even further.

More Fluids For Better Flushing

Uric acid can be flushed out through urine. More urine discharge would mean more flushing of uric acid. Your daily intake of fluid should amount to 3 to 4 liters to flush out uric acid. These fluids can be in the form of water, soups, juices, and drinks. Avoid adding sugar to the drinks to get the desired results.

Berries And Cherries
Cherries and berries are antioxidant rich fruits. These fruits and especially cherries have chemical compounds capable of neutralizing the uric acid in the blood stream. It is later discharged as waste. To get the maximum benefit out of these fruits, you need to include them in sufficient quantity and make it a routine.

Celery Seeds
Celery seeds and roots are very effective in treating the issues related to rheumatism, gout, and arthritis. Celery is a natural diuretic that works as urinary antiseptic. The seeds and roots of celery have found a place in many herbal supplements for decades. You can use fresh celery in soups and salads to include its advantages in your daily meals.

Regularize Eating Habits
Uric acid levels are directly affected by your diet. Diet loaded with oil, fats and spices may initiate the acid attacks which may later make the uric acid levels rise. Low purine diets can be taken to lower the uric acid levels by 1 mg/dl which helps in controlling the future gout attacks. Some exercises and regular eating patterns have also shown convincing results.

Medicines For Instant Uric Acid Reduction
All of the above methods are for prevention of gout problems and one should follow it regularly so that the favorable results are availed but they may not work as fast as medicine when you are already experiencing the severe symptoms. In case of ongoing gout attack, you may consult your medical practitioner for medicines that will get down the uric acid levels and would also bring down the severity of the symptoms.

Uric acid issues are becoming more common these days and the main reason behind it is irregularity of food and sleeping habits. The fast food culture is now overpowering the conventional cooking methods and that has become the major reason for increased uric acid levels. More fatty and sodium rich food intake increases the purine levels which eventually give rise to diet induced uric acid.

Don’t let any health condition be chronic as it would hinder your daily activities adversely and would not allow you to live your life at the fullest. Just make some healthy changes here and there, so as to get rid of any irritating health condition which would otherwise become chronic and stay there for a lifetime.

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