These 4 Methods Can Calm Your Mind and Help You Fall Asleep

Sleep is essential for our body, but nowadays, we seem to be getting less and less sleep. It almost seems like we can’t put a stop to our train of thoughts and that has resulted in a lack of sleep. According to a sleep therapist, Hope Bastine, who works for the mattress producer, SIMBA, we are sleeping less because we fail to process thoughts during the day, due to the limited time that we have. 


These 4 Methods Can Calm Your Mind and Help You Fall Asleep

At the same time, the all gadget screens produce a blue light which activates the beta brainwaves. Beta brainwaves make us alert and prevent us from having a good sleep. So, if we really want less anxious sleep, we should try to ditch our cellphones or tablets. Plus, she also recommends the following methods to get a sound sleep:

1. Go Earlier To Bed

If you have a specific time to go to bed, then head to your bed an hour earlier than that. Enjoy a period of relaxation. Either listen to a podcast or go through a physical book or if you are feeling really creative, then write a journal. Once you make a habit out of it, you will see that your mind will shut down automatically, without a problem. If you are really having a lot of worrying thoughts, then try to talk to your friend or partner about it. Communication can de-stress you and help you alter your tensed state of mind.

2. Exercise To Relax
This is not your usual kind of exercise that is strenuous and tiring. Rather, in the relaxation exercise, you have to become one with your body. You start by feeling each part of your body and the strain that you are holding in those parts. Now, try to let go of it. This will eventually exhaust you and you can fall asleep easily.

3. Getting Out Of Bed
Your bed may not always be a place of relaxation for you. It might also bring a lot of worrying thoughts into your mind and this will just make your bed a terrible place to be in. If something like this is taking place, then leave your bed immediately. Try going to another room and maybe go out for a refreshing walk. Whatever you do, don’t let your worry consume you. As soon as your worry subsides, you can find that you are getting back your sleeping drive again. And once you make this into a proper habit, you will be able to get into your sleeping drive easily without a problem.

4. Not Worrying About The Future Or The Past
We tend to worry a lot about what would happen in the future. Or we would spend our day feeling sad about the things that happened in the past. This is unhealthy. You can’t change what has already taken place, neither can you tackle anything that is present in the distant future. Rather, breathe and let all your tension slip away. You can divert your thoughts and try to distract yourself so that the worries do not consume you. After all, these unhealthy thoughts will unsettle you and may slowly lead to bad health.
Sleep is necessary for our body and unless we keep a balance of both our mental and physical well-being, we cannot fall asleep properly. So, try these steps out and get some good sleep.

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