What Every Husband Secretly Hates About His Wife?

It is said that women are more complicated creatures than men. However, women tend to express their feelings and discuss their problems, unlike man.


So, how do you know what’s going on inside a man’s head if he doesn’t speak about it, or releases the burden on his friend’s shoulder?


Man are sometimes hard to get as well, but here are the things that every man hates about his woman partner.

What Every Husband Secretly Hates About His Wife?


Hiding her pain

Though men are not always opened for a hug and sentimental talks, they’re completely aware of that and eat themselves alive they can’t help you at your time of need

Watching her suffer

A true partner shares his wife’s pain, her silence…he’s down when his woman is down.

Doubting her abilities

A strong man chooses a strong woman, a doubt is not a strong characteristic of personality. Though they both want to find a better version of themselves in life and marriage, sometimes, it’s absolutely OK to be just who people are and have an attitude that’s completely theirs, without questioning is that ok with someone.

Definitely hates seeing his woman give up

Whether is a cupcake competition, a bidding on sale, a job interview or promotion….husbands don’t want a housewife who is obedient and gives up on things that matter in her life. Modern husbands definitely want strong women who fight their battles

When he is the reason for her sadness

It is very important for a true relationship that the husband actually sees he has mistaken. The wife doesn’t even has to try to punish him – he is already doing it to himself

When she makes compromises for his sake

He is definitely going to try 10 times harder to make that compromise worth.

Most of all, he hates not having his partner around

Yes, though man want to drink beer and watch sports with their buddies, knowing that his partner is also somewhere out and not by his side is definitely tearing him apart.

Maybe men don’t show up their emotions and feelings too often just because they’re so serious and overwhelming, not because they are less strong than their wife’s.

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