4 Exercises That Would Give You That Enviable Perfect Belly

Everyone wants a tight belly. With all the pictures of models flaunting their abs, it is only natural that we feel envious too. We may want that but years of inactivity has given us the paunch that we now sport. So, what should we do?

4 Exercises That Would Give You That Enviable Perfect Belly

Well, here are 4 exercises that you can doalong with maintaining what you put in your mouth. Go for a good diet and routine and you can get an awesome belly in a jiffy:


Lie down on the ground in a pushup position, and slowly bend your arms at the elbow. Now, keep the body parallel to the ground while holding it down using your forearms. Contract your core the entire time you are doing it.

Side Plank

Exactly like a normal plank, only that you have to balance yourself on one side with one elbow on the ground. Ensure that your body is in an inclined position but completely straight. Don’t fall over or bend your knees. Keep contracting your core.

Back Pushups

Hold the body up over the ground using your feet and hands. Now, slowly raise your hips, and then again set them down. Your elbows should bend to aid your up and down motion.

Sit Ups

First, lie down straight on the ground flat on your back. Now, raise your hands in the air, completely straight, and lift the upper torso towards your legs. Keep contracting your core as you do so. Your abs must be working as you lift your upper torso upwards.



If you do these for 4 weeks, those abs will show. This can be your routine:

WeekNo. 1

Planks- 20 seconds

Right side planks- 20 seconds

Backward Pushups- 3 times

Left side planks- 20 seconds

Sit-ups- 3 times

WeekNo. 2

Planks- 30 seconds

Right side planks- 30 seconds

Backward Pushups- 5 times

Left Side Planks- 30 seconds

Sit-ups- 5 times

WeekNo. 3

Planks- 45 seconds

Right Side planks- 45 secs

Backward Pushups- 7 times

Left Side planks- 45 secs

Sit-ups- 7 times

Week No. 4

Planks- 1 minute

Right Side Planks- 1 minute

Backward Pushups- 10 times

Left side planks- 1 minute

Sit-ups- 10 times

Burns that abs and then, flaunt your amazing physique.

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