Here’s How Putting A Clothespin On Your Ear Can Relieve Tension Throughout Your Body

Reflexology is considered an unconventional treatment, based on massage. It relies on the principle that each organ is linked to a point on the body such as hands, feet and ears. Thus, by applying pressure to specific points, it is possible to relieve some pain.

Here’s How Putting A Clothespin On Your Ear Can Relieve Tension Throughout Your Body

Reflexology aims to stimulate the body’s self-healing process. Like acupuncture, based on stimulating the vital energy (Qi), reflexology helps relieve many aches and pains, including: headaches and back pain, stress and respiratory problems. It is not intended in any case to treat certain diseases, but can only relieve pain.

This practice is carried out by pressure with the fingers on reflex points on the hands, feet or ears.

Auricular reflexology

Auricular reflexology is none other than reflexology, practiced on the ear. This organ has 6 reflex zones related to different parts of the body via the nervous system. Thus, stimulating these points, it is possible to relieve pain in specific areas of the body. This therapeutic method also proves to be a good way to reduce stress.

Using a clothespin, it is possible to exert pressure on various points and make a self reflexology.


    1. Back and shoulders

The upper part of the ear is linked to the back and shoulders. Help yourself with a clothespin and hold in this area for 60 seconds to relieve the pain. For efficiency, repeat this several times a day.

    2. Internal organs

This point is connected to all internal organs of the body. In case of pain, it is advisable to make slight pressure to soothe the pain. However, if the pain persists, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

    3. Joints

If you suffer from joint pain, pinch this part of the ear with a clothespin. This will help a lot to ease your pain.

    4. Sinus and throat

This lower part of the ear is related to the sinus and throat. If you have sinus infection or sore throat, put a clothespin and feel its soothing benefits.

    5. Digestion

Apply pressure to the corner of the ear; it can not only relieve pain, but also prevent it. Arm yourself with a clothespin, in case of abdominal pain or cramping.

    6. Heart and head

The most important organs of the body can also be relieved by ear reflexology. The ear lobe is the part related to the heart and the head. If you are prone to headaches or light cardiovascular problems, you can alleviate by pressing this zone with a clothespin.

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