What Happens If You Put a Garlic In Your Mouth For 30 Minutes?

Garlic is a super-food with tons of amazing health benefits. To benefit from garlic, you must eat it raw and don’t mind the unpleasant smell it leaves in your moth afterwards. Health is more important, right?

What Happens If You Put a Garlic In Your Mouth For 30 Minutes?

Allicin, the super powerful medicinal ingredient that garlic naturally contains, helps with a healthy heart, improved blood circulation, balanced heart pressure and so much more.
But the question is” is there any other way to get all those benefits without having to eat it as a raw food? Scientists say “Yes”.
If you just put a garlic clove in your mouth and hold it inside for about half an hour, letting your saliva dissolve a part of it, you might extract the same benefits as eating the garlic clove.

For the best results, do this first thing in the morning, because your saliva has the most acid concentrated in it at that time. The strong saliva will mix with the beneficial properties of the garlic and you will swallow them.

Also, it’s best to do this routine in the morning, before washing your teeth. Afterwards, you could either wash your teeth, or chew parsley – it’s a natural mouth odor repellent.

If you do this for about 15 days in a row, you will start experiencing the benefits of the garlic, such as immunity and appetite boost, getting rid of anemia and respiratory issues, improved work of your bladder and kidneys and so much more.
You will also notice that getting a flu or a cold will be a thing from the past.

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