Himalayan Salt Lemonade: Remedy That Can Stop Migraine Headache Within Minutes

 Himalayan Salt Lemonade: Remedy That Can Stop Migraine Headache Within Minutes

Migraine really hurts and can ruin our mornings especially if the pain becomes intense. Moreover, severe migraine pain coupled with conditions of nausea impairs our daily functioning. Usually, the migraines appear without any warning signal. However, several pieces of research have confirmed that they result because of a nutrient insufficiency. For instance, the doctors pointed out the following nutrient deficiency in migraine patients:
  • Q10 (a co-enzyme)
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin D
  • Folate

The other nutrient deficiencies due to which migraine results include; Magnesium, sodium, and potassium, respectively.

A major cause of migraine is dehydration. Dehydration is a condition which causes excessive loss of water in the body. However, most of the people become chronically dehydrated in the United States, and there is nothing to worry about because it can be treated well with the Himalayan Salt Lemonade recipe. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s then explore how to make the lemonade to get rid of your migraine.

Recipe Items:
For making the Himalayan salt lemonade, you will need the following items:
  • Lemon juice: two tablespoons
  • Himalayan Pink Salt: one quarter teaspoon
  • Water: eight ounces
  • Honey: one teaspoon (optional)

How to prepare it?
First of all, add salt and lemon juice into the water (eight ounces). Mix it well until the mixture reaches uniformity. Afterward, use honey to make it sweet. However, honey is an optional item, and you may discard it if you want to have a sour-tasting drink. Once, you make the drink, immediately consume it and feel fresh. Also, consume one glass of water after having the drink. Once, you will repeat the process after every 10 minutes or so, and the migraine would be gone within half an hour. However, if your migraine is intense or severe, continue drinking the Himalayan Salt Lemonade till the point you feel better.

Why is a sea salt lemonade good for curing migraine?

Himalayan Salt
Himalayan salt is highly effective to cure migraine. However, salt or more specifically table salt is highly processed, and it can harm you more. As dehydration is the main cause of migraine and when this salt is mixed with water, it could harm you more. But, Himalayan salt has different effects. Yes, you read that right. Himalayan Salt not only maintains the electrolyte balance of the body but it also contains useful nutrients for your body.

Moreover, it assists your body to make better use of the water that you consume. The electrolytes that maintain the body balance include potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium, respectively. However, if these electrolytes are insufficient in the body, migraine results. David Wolfe meticulously explored this concept during the detox and diet lessons found in The Inner Circle.

However, care has to be taken even while using Himalayan Salt. This is because too much of it will increase the sodium levels up to a limit which is not required by the body. So, a good balance has to be maintained at any rate. However, when your thirst gets quenched by the Himalayan salt, you will probably won’t like to drink the lemonade any further. So, take it as a sign that dehydration no more exists in your body.

However, you must pay heed to the following symptoms of migraine and dehydration. These are:
  • Tiredness
  • Increased thirst
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Sunken eyes
  • Less sweating
  • Heart rate increases
  • Blood pressure becomes low
  • Skin becomes dry
  • Dizziness
  • Decreased urine and more yellowish in color

Lemon Juice
The lemon juice in the Himalayan Salt Lemonade is not only for flavor. Yes, you got that right. Lemons are helpful in alleviating swelling and inflammation, too. Therefore, it is not only helpful for people suffering from arthritis but also those suffering from migraines. Migraine is regarded as the only headache that is linked to puffiness or inflammation.

Lemon water is also helpful in reducing the levels of stress; that is another cause of migraine. Moreover, lemon water keeps you fresh and active throughout the day. So, why not to try it at least once?

Additionally, if you are suffering from migraine, use it frequently because it is better than coffee. While coffee boosts up your energy and alleviates the pain, but it would also interfere with your sleep (if consumed in excess). Whereas, a lemonade will not only alleviate your pain, but it will also give you other ample benefits as discussed above. So, spread the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lemonade to help people in alleviating their migraines.

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