17 Signs Of Mоld Illnеss: Whаt It Is аnd Hоw Yоu Knоw if Yоu Hаvе It!!

The lack of possibility of seeing it or the incapability of smelling it, makes the mole one of the most dangerous things in your house. And the worst of all is that it is growing.

The mold is the reason that you, or your children are feeling ill very often. You may not be aware that you have it at your home.

17 Signs Of Mоld Illnеss: Whаt It Is аnd Hоw Yоu Knоw if Yоu Hаvе It!!

In addition to this article we are going to present you the signs that you may suffer from mold illness.

If you cannot find the cure for your often colds, and the doctor can’t find what is going on, you should check this article. You may suffer from mold disease.

Signs of mold illness:

  • Struggling with your memory, brain for and inability to stay focused.
  • You have constant fatigue, you are feeling weak, you can’t keep your tempo like you used to do.
  • Cramps in your muscles, feeling pain and ache, your bones hurt.
  • You are feeling numb and tingled
  • You have constant headaches, just like migraine.
  • Your eyes are turning red; you can’t see very well.
  • Constant illness, cough and cold , the breath is not reaching to your lungs.
  • You are shaking
  • You have a constant nerve pain
  • Your lower back hurts, your stomach hurts, you have nausea and diarrhea.
  • You have changes in your appetite
  • Metallic taste
  • You get thirsty very often
  • You are urinating a lot.


Mold is fungus that shows mostly on wet and damaged buildings. They can show up and live in a place which is damp, warm or hot, muggy place, in close and open air.

It can show up at your home, even if you are living in a dry zone.

The reasons of mole presence are no ventilation, presence of water leaking, no condensation, flood etc.

These bacteria can ruin your shoes, dog, cat, clothes, wardrobe, bed, corner of the room.

As we already said, floods can cause mole. It is for sure that mole will show up in case of flood. Nothing can dry the already wet surfaces, and that is the perfect condition for growing a mold.
The worst thing about mold is that will cause Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome also known as CIRS.


CIRS is bitoxin illness, and it is described like group of signs, laboratory discoveries, and targeted test results, connected with bitoxin exposure.

Some surveys gave us results that most of the people who has CIRS are brought by water damaged buildings.

In addition, we are going to present you how genetics is connected with the mold illness.

Some people are more prone to have mold illness, because of their genetics predispositions. According to the survey that Dr. Shoemaker made, more than 24% of the world population have predispositions to develop mole illness in same time of their life.

But those who are not prone to this kind of illness, doesn’t mean that they will never have mold illness.

Mold caused by water damage, and getting a reaction on your organism is a serious problem. That is a bacterium, and you need to treat this, so you will be completely healthy.

In case if you want to test yourself whether you have mold disease you need to pass next several criteria.

  • Check the exposure of biotoxin.
  • See whether you have genetic predisposition for developing mold disease.
  • You need to pass the VCS testing.
  • Go to your doctor and check all the possibilities connected with the CIRS.

If you have made all these steps and you are still in doubt that you have mold illness, you need to:

  • Read more scientific books on the topic mold illness.
  • You need to check your home whether you have mold in your house or not. The best thing for this test is arranging a professional for doing the ERMI test (the most reliable mold test).
  • Work by a protocol, and don’t miss a step. You need to eliminate mole if you have it in your house. And go and test yourself whether you are prone to mold illness.

Black mole exposure is also a serious problem. The most serious thing concerning this, is that you can cause lung cancer.

Any type of mold is connected with the lung cancer. The reason for this is that the mold contains substances which are carcinogenic, and will stimulate its spreading. When you will hear the name black mold, it refers to Stachybotrys atra..

Each organism is different, so many people can have some respiratory problems after breathing the smallest amount of spores.

All in all, people need to eliminate any kind and sign of more, especially in their house or office, because that is the place where they spend most of their time.

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